How To Get All Cars In Car Parking Multiplayer? (Step by Step Guide)

The Car Parking Multiplayer is the best Android and iOS racing game developed by Olzhass. This game allows you to drive your dream car and make your own car according to your liking. It has over 70 cars; you can choose anyone and start driving. You can enjoy driving cars with your friends and make your experience more enjoyable. 

Many cars are locked in the game, and most players want to get all cars while playing the game. But they need to learn how they can unlock or get all cars, so today we will guide you on how you can quickly get all cars in Car Parking Multiplayer. So, below are some simple steps and helpful information for you; read it and follow it then you will be able to get all cars in your favorite Car Parking Multiplayer game.

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How To Get All Cars In Car Parking Multiplayer

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Multiple types of cars are available in the Car Parking Multiplayer

In Car Parking Multiplayer, you can enjoy seven different types of cars. All the seven types of cars are listed below.

1- Europe

In this game, 72 cars of Europe type; you can buy these cars by spending gold coins or in-game currency.

2-  Japan

2-  Japan

There are 32 Japan-type cars available; you will quickly get these Japan-type cars by spending in-game currency and coins.

3-  Premium

3-  Premium

Car parking multiplayer mod apk has 26 premium-type cars for players who can buy with real cash and enjoy premium-type cars.

4-  Offroad

4- Offroad

Players will also buy off-road type cars in car parking multiplayer by spending gold coins or in-game currency.

5-  Sports Car

5- Sports Car

Sports cars are also available in the game; you have to buy them with in-game currency.

6-  USA

6- USA

It has 32 cars of the USA type. You will have to spend money to buy a USA-type car. 

7-  Sedan

7- Sedan

A total of 33 cars in sedan type are available in the game, so spend the in-game currency or gold coins to buy sedan-type cars. 

How to get or unlock all cars in Car Parking Multiplayer

To get all cars in Car Parking Multiplayer, we have three options for you: choose any option that you like to unlock or get all cars. 

  • You can buy the cars by using in-game currency or real cash. You have all the cars by spending 100 USD.
  • You can get all the cars in the car parking multiplayer by increasing the level of your game; you can do this by inviting your friends or completing daily tasks or missions. Check How To Get 2000hp In Car Parking Multiplayer
  • By downloading the mod version of Car Parking multiplayer that offers unlimited money and coins you can use to buy cars. 
  • Apart from that, through another way, you can get free cars. For this, you should log into the game using your account, and once you log in, you will get two cars for free. 

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Other ways To Get All Cars In Car Parking Multiplayer

1. Complete Missions and Challenges

One of the primary ways to get cars in Car Parking Multiplayer is by completing missions and challenges. These tasks are designed to test your driving skills and reward you with in-game currency or even new vehicles upon completion. Make sure to regularly check the missions tab and complete as many challenges as you can.

2. Participate in Online Races

Competing in online races is another effective method to earn cars. By participating in races, you not only hone your driving skills but also earn rewards that can be used to unlock cars. Remember, the better you perform, the more rewards you’ll get.

3. Use In-Game Currency Wisely

Managing your in-game currency is crucial. Spend your money on cars that will benefit you the most in the long run. Focus on purchasing vehicles that are required to complete specific missions or challenges.

4. Take Advantage of Special Events

Car Parking Multiplayer often hosts special events that offer exclusive cars as rewards. These events can be time-limited, so keep an eye on the game’s announcements and participate whenever possible. Special events can be a great opportunity to get rare cars that are not available through regular gameplay.

5. Trade with Other Players

Trading with other players is a fantastic way to expand your car collection. The game’s community is active and many players are willing to trade cars. Join forums, social media groups, or in-game chats to find potential trade partners. Ensure that the trades are fair and beneficial for both parties.

6. Download Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

If you’re looking for a faster way to get all cars in Car Parking Multiplayer, you might consider downloading the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK. This modified version of the game often comes with all cars unlocked from the start. However, be cautious when downloading MOD APKs from unofficial sources as they can harm your device or violate the game’s terms of service.


Car Parking Multiplayer is the best option for racing game lovers who like to drive cars. Above we provide you a complete guide on getting all cars in a Car Parking Multiplayer because if you have all types of cars, you can enjoy more fun. Getting cars in the car Parking Multiplayer is not very difficult; follow our guidelines and enjoy all cars.

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