How To Change Tire Color In Car Parking Multiplayer (Full Information)

Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK is the best option for those people who want to test their parking skills against other online players. You have to explore a busy city filled with cars and other vehicles, you can drive around freely, and you have to find the best parking area for your car. This game allows you to customize a car according to your preference without any restrictions.

How To Change Tire Color In Car Parking Multiplayer

You can customize your car with different paint jobs by adjusting suspension, wheel angles, changing transmission, and tire type. Some players want to change their tire color but must know how. Today, we discuss different ways to change tire color in Car Parking Multiplayer. If you follow the steps, you can change tire colors easily.

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Best color codes in Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking multiplayer offers you different color codes; you can change the tire colors easily using these codes. Here are some best color codes listed.

1-  #DFF700

2-  #FF1A1A

3-  #3132FF

4-  #FFD20E

5-  #FF0E0E

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How to copy and paste Tire Colour Code in Car Parking Multiplayer

When you want to change the tire color in car parking multiplayer, many players need to learn how to copy and paste the tire color code. We provide you with some simple steps, follow them and easily copy and paste the tire color code from the pin comment.

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1-  Click on the share and copy option.

 2-  Go to your Chrome or browser.

2-  Go to your Chrome or browser

 3-  Then paste and search and go to the pin comment.

 4- Copy the Text and then go to your Facebook and paste it to your 2nd account.

 5-  Edit text and remove from and copy.

 6- Go to your Car Parking Multiplayer game and paste the text.

Go to your Car Parking Multiplayer game and paste the text

7- You successfully copy and paste the tire color code in Car Parking Multiplayer.

How  to change tire color in Car Parking Multiplayer

Below we provide you with different ways; if you follow them, you can easily change the tire color in Car Parking Multiplayer; you must follow simple steps.


 1-  Open your game on your Android or iOS device.

 2-  Go to the garage.

 3-  Click on the car you want to change the tire color and tap the upgrade option.

 4-  Then tap on the exterior from below given options.

 5-  After that, you will see different types of wheels at the bottom of the screen, choose any one and select a color.

 6-  Copy the tire color changing the text in the description.

 7- If you want to change other colors, edit the text and put the color you want.

 8- That’s it; you will see your tire color will be changed.

2- Method:

1- Open Google play store.

1- Open Google play store.

2-  Download stylish text fonts keyboard app.

2-  Download stylish text fonts keyboard app.

3-  Write the tire color change text, then copy the written text and go back to the Car Parking Multiplayer game.

4-  Paste your text in CPM, and enjoy different colored tires.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Tire Color

Open Car Parking Multiplayer: Start the game and navigate to your garage. Here, you can view and select the car you want to modify.

Access the Customization Menu: Once in the garage, find the customization options. This menu allows you to change various aspects of your car, including the tyre colour.

Select Tire Customization: Look for the tire options within the customisation menu. This section will show you the different tyre colours available.

Choose Your Desired tyre Color: Browse the available tyre colours and select the one that appeals to you. Remember, some colours might require in-game purchases.

Apply the New Tire Color: Confirm your choice after selecting your desired color. The game will update your car with the new tyre colour.

Save Your Changes: Ensure you save your modifications to avoid losing your new tyre colour. Exit the customization menu and enjoy your newly coloured tyres.

Exploring Customization Options

Primary Colors vs. Premium Colors

Primary tyre colours are available for free or at a lower cost, while premium colours require more in-game currency. Consider your budget and preferences when choosing between basic and premium options.

Using Mods for Advanced Customization

Mods can offer additional tyre colour options and other enhancements for players looking for more advanced customization. Be sure to download mods from reputable sources to avoid potential issues with your game.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tire Color

Choosing the right tyre colour can make your car look stunning. Here are a few tips to help you decide:

  • Match Your Car’s Paint: Consider selecting a tyre colour that complements your car’s overall paint job.
  • Stand Out: If you want your car to stand out, go for vibrant or contrasting tyre colours.
  • Theme Consistency: If your car has a colour theme, stick to it. Consistent themes look more polished and professional.

External Resources for Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration or additional tips on car customization in Car Parking Multiplayer, there are several online resources and communities you can check out. For example, the Car Parking Multiplayer subreddit is great for seeing other players’ customizations and getting ideas. Additionally, YouTube tutorials can provide visual step-by-step guides and creative ideas.


In this article, we provide you with a complete guide on how you can change tire color in Car Parking Multiplayer. Also, provide information about copying and pasting tire color codes and share some of the best color codes for Car parking multiplayer. This post will be helpful for you to change your tire color in CPM.

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